In 2007 Drew, my husband, and I had just passed through an extremely difficult time in our marriage. We were left with broken finances, broken spirits, broken dreams and a broken marriage. As we started to pick up the pieces we would get up early each morning and go for a walk.

Because of our circumstances, I felt alone, forgotten and unloved by God.  Before the walk Drew told me he thought God wanted to give me His heart.  I said ok and sort of rolled my eyes at that statement not really understanding or caring what it meant.  As we walked that morning he told me again, “I don’t know why, but I believe God wants to give you His heart”.  I still didn’t understand, but at that exact moment, I looked down and at my feet I saw a stone in the exact shape of a heart. I thought that was strange, but God didn’t stop there.

My eyes have been opened and since that day God continues to show me love through unusual hearts.  I have seen thousands of hearts everywhere I go.  They come at random times and are themselves random.  And with each one He says, “Remember, I love you”. I’m convinced that God is yearning to show His love to His children everyday, but we are missing Him.  These pictures are evidence of God’s daily efforts to show us His heart shaped love.