We live differently when we live loved.  How could our world change if we truly believed that God has unconditional love for us? Most of us don’t realize we are living our lives without feeling loved by anyone.  Love brings us joy.  Love gives us confidence.  Love is what makes us whole and defines who we are in Christ and in the world around us. When we live knowing that we are loved, we are able to accomplish the unimaginable. Our world would change forever, and then we will change the world. This is the tale of my discovery.

heart found

Three years ago I felt alone, forgotten and unloved by God.  As I walked with my husband he told me, “I believe God wants to give you His heart”.  But I didn’t understand.  At that exact moment, I looked down and at my feet and saw a stone in the exact shape of a heart.

I thought that was strange, but God didn’t stop there. My eyes have been opened and since that day God continues to show me love through unusual hearts.  I have seen thousands of hearts everywhere I go.  They come at random times and are themselves random.  And with each one He says, “Remember, I love you”. I’m convinced that God is yearning to show His love to His children everyday, but we are missing Him.  The uploaded pictures are evidence of God’s daily efforts to show us His heart shaped love.